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Hi, there fellow Centrepreneur. (See what I did there?) My name is Jonathan Tyler and I’m so glad you found your way to Think Cents.

Ever dreamed of being wealthy? Readers of Think Cents are often young individuals new to the idea of making money online, creating passive income, or dealing with finances. If that sounds like you then welcome to your new home. Our blog contains your go to reads to jump start and quickly begin building your own wealth.  This blog is your guide towards building financial freedom. While I help you avoid all the mistakes before you get there. Most of my posts aim to encourage and enlighten.

You want to believe in the “American Dream” and I don’t believe it’s out there. I believe it’s “Your Dream” you should be chasing. Not everyone wants a white picket fence. And my girlfriend is allergic to fur so no dog or cat for us. But we can create our own dream of what really matters to us and the search for that dream is why I created Think Cents.





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