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A natural thinker of life, business, and art, Jonathan was born gritty at heart. That grit burns through his blog Think Cents as a desire to fight for financial independence. Seeing how little success traditional work life brings, he's seeking to achieve building his wealth in the more unconventional ways.
A natural thinker of life, business, and art, Jonathan was born gritty at heart. That grit burns through his blog Think Cents as a desire to fight for financial independence. Seeing how little success traditional work life brings, he's seeking to achieve building his wealth in the more unconventional ways.

How To Start Investing

One of the greatest ways to build long term wealth is investing. The rich stay rich because they create money. No that doesn’t mean they have a sweatshop filled with children creating counterfeit nickels and dimes for them. It means they know how to make their money work for them instead of working for money. I learned this from a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad which literally change my entire perspective on money and life. Getting started investing can be tough when you have no way of knowing how to access the market. That’s why i’m here. I have been investing for about 3 years now and have my fair share of tips and tools that can help you get started on the right foot.

Don’t Invest What You Don’t Have

I have seen so many people, including myself fall into the trap of investing money that they didn’t have to invest. It happens. Especially to people who are excited about building wealth and catching the new wave of something big, but realistically, you have to be honest with what you can afford to invest. Investing is risky. Trying to invest in something when you have nothing is a formula for failure.

Know Your Comfort Level

Before you think about investing, you have to be honest with yourself on how much you’re comfortable risking. Knowing your risk level is what makes you a winner. For me, I’m a bit of a risk taker. When prices drop, instead of me screaming sale sale sale, because I’m worried about cutting my losses, I scream buy buy buy!  I know the history of the market and have enough confidence in the company that I invested in that I know it will turn back. The market getting low also means that you have a lower price to buy even more stock in the company. This isn’t the amount of risk everyone is willing to take though. So be honest with yourself and what you can and can’t handle. Some companies are more volatile than others. Knowing where you stand will be a decisive factor on where you invest.

Choose The Right Tool For You

Finding the sword that feels right in your hands is important because you again want to have a certain amount of comfort level when trading. My first time trading I was using Fidelity, which is a great company to trade and build with, but it wasn’t right for me as a beginner and felt so complicated. Not everyone is the same, so take the time to find a company you really feel great using. These are some great beginner friendly services that you may find lighten the load of learning to invest.


Robinhood is a great free tool to start investing. There is no monthly fee and its free to trade, you only pay the price of the stocks. Hard to go wrong there. The app is very user friendly and is my go to tool for my investing strategy. The only drawback is that not all stocks (International Stocks) is available.


Another great started tool, Stash is offered completely on mobile and has no access point for the computer. So being able to check your investments on your desktop is a big thing to you, then this may not be the choice for you. Stash is a great set it and forget it app where you can set automatic payments and build a investment portfolio around their curated stock portfolios such as “Rolling With Buffet” or “Conservative Mix.”


I’m sure if you’ve been around Think Cents then you have heard of this wonderful gem. Acorns is another avenue for people who don’t want to choose specifically what to invest in and just want a way to save and automate their money. I do still use acorns conservatively even though I do most of my trading now with Robinhood.


Play Smart and Play Long

Different people have different strategies for investing into the stock market. Some people make their money trading penny stocks, others play for the long-term by investing in stocks for dividends. Personally I’m more of the second. Though investing is fun, the amount of time needed to watch, buy and sell penny stocks to make huge profits is a pain. I personally enjoy receiving a check of dividends into my account from my stocks every few months. It gives me a nice chunk of change which I can then reinvest into the company and earn more. Remember, we’re building for the long run here. So patience is key. If you plan to play the penny stock or day trade game then do it intelligently and be sure to research, research and research.

Doing something blindly because you saw a guy turn $1000 into $10,000 make it look easy doesn’t mean you can just throw money at the market and it will spit more back out at you. Stay true to yourself in what you believe to be a fair and worthwhile investment. Invest in companies you can trust your money with. I have made countless mistakes of selling a stock to soon. Also buying a stock in its dying times and had to realize, mistakes happen. There is no guaranteed easy money and sometimes you just have to be okay with that.


If you really enjoy investing or anything to do with business and finances, I run a nice blog called Think Cents that’s packed with ideas on making more money, creating a Crush It mentality and building long-term wealth for your future. Good Luck fellow investor. Remember to not just play the market, but to try and stay ahead of it as well.

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The Biggest Investment I’ve Ever Made For My Blog – Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review

The Biggest Investment I’ve Ever Made For My Blog – Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review

A few weeks ago, I posted on Twitter how I made my biggest investment in my blog to date. I was nervous. Like really nervous. It wasn’t a small $25 PDF either. It was a $200 investment into learning firsthand from a blogging affiliate master, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. Michelle, owner of Making Sense of Cents, opened my eyes to an entirely new world of blogging. Michelle continuously makes $100,000+ a month blogging from her RV. (Did I mention she makes a living traveling in an RV with her husband full time?) I was uneasy with the investment at first but now I feel like the course was worth so much more. Here is my Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course review for anyone looking to make money blogging with affiliate marketing.


What Made Me Buy The Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course

Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing Course Review

I was sitting in my classroom one day, completely ignoring the material because I was stressing over blog. I had so much trouble trying to figure out how to grow my blog, attracting more traffic and don’t even get me started with monetization.

The stress was killing me. I started my blog to document my journey to financial freedom and helping others with what I learned so that we can learn to save and make money together. But the issue was, I wasn’t making any progress at all. Yeah, I had a few dollars here and there from my side hustles but nothing from my blog to have the motivation to keep it going. For a few weeks, my  blog was stagnate.

I was stressed because I was scared that I created another failure after preaching hours of how its possible to break the 9 to 5 and be your own boss to my girlfriend. I was terrified that this failure will not only turn her away from following her dreams, but from me pursuing mine as well.

That’s when I decided to jump the gun. I had been hearing so much good about to one course for about a year now and decided what the hell. So I decided to invest $200 of my hard earned money into a dream and I haven’t looked back since.

For anyone who really wants to make money blogging with affiliate links, the value in this course is worth so much more than the price tag on it.


Who is Michelle Schroeder-Gardner?

Michelle is one of the most respected financial bloggers in the industry and has been in Forbes and more. Michelle, owner of the blog Making Sense of Cents, is finance expert with two degrees undergraduate degrees in business and a master’s degree in finance. She bought a house at the age of 20 and paid off over $38,000 in 7 months. She is also making over $100,000+ a month right now blogging.

Yeah, your read that right. Wanna know how?

She makes her money by promoting affiliate links. This means she gets paid for helping others find great services or shops. Wanna start a new blog? She has the perfect link to Bluehost that will give you a discounted price. Need to know who is the best for email marketing? Not only will she recommend you to ConvertKit awesome service, but she has worked out a deal for you as well.

See what I mean?

And she doesn’t keep any secrets to herself in her course.


My Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course Review

After I took a leap of faith to join the program, I was almost immediately amazed by the tips, tricks, and recommendations she had. I was blindsided by so much information.

The main concept that she drives across is how important it is to not just throw in affiliate links and pray for the best. The course is filled to the brim with actionable content that you can start and see improvements very quickly. I have seen such an improvement on my click rate, tracking my affiliate links, and traffic that its ridiculous. I am also still digging into the course so even though I’m not making $100,000 after reading it, my blog is still growing traction and I will get there much soon, rather than later with with her course. I’m hoping sharing my making sense of affiliate marketing course review will help you realize that as well.

Things you will get out of making sense of affiliate marketing include:

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How to find affiliate programs in your niche
  • How to apply and get approved for affiliate programs
  • Tools to make affiliate marketing easier
  • How to build trust with your audience
  • How to get more conversions even with low page views
  • The exact method she use to make over $300,000 from one post
  • and so much more.

She expose all of her secrets on how she increase conversions and the tools she use to keep track of it all. She also talks about how to get approved to affiliate programs and making sure that you follow the law when acting as an affiliate.


Only One Small Issue About the Course

The course is loaded with great value and printable worksheets to help you focus on promoting your blog and making finding the perfect affiliate program for your niche. There is also a grand list of affiliate programs for different niches listed as well as how to promote them outside of your blog. This could be for instance, on social media, using video content, or even podcasts. So its still a great course to work with.

The only thing I wish was different about the course was that it had video content. The entire course is a read. It was the only thing uneasy for me while I was writing this making sense of affiliate marketing course review. Though this may be a turn off from some, don’t leave money on the table because of it. You are also given printable documents and bonus courses to make up for it so no big deal.


Related: How To Start A Profitable Blog

The Bonus Content You Will Receive Is Unbelievable

Not only is the course material great, but the bonus content itself is worth its weight in gold.

In the bonus content, you receive an additional guide to getting traffic to your site using Pinterest. So many bloggers target Pinterest because it is a goldmine for traffic. If you aren’t using Pinterest as a search engine, than you’re using it completely wrong. Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing comes with a bonus course that will skyrocket your Pinterest monthly views and, in return, your blog’s page views.

The bonus guide is actionable and to the point. Using the tips in it I was about to increase my monthly views on Pinterest from 1k to almost 30k views in less than one month. There were so many tips that I were so easy to fix and take action with. Make sure to join with the link in this making sense of affiliate marketing course review to get all of your bonus content.


Oh! There’s Another Bonus Opportunity as Well!

You get a course on how to make $100,000+ a month with affiliate marketing, you get a FREE Pinterest course as bonus, and you also get invited to join the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Facebook group!

Why would I care about a Facebook group?

Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned blogger, there is so much to benefit from this Facebook mastermind group. The group offer promotions to boost traffic, exclusive opportunities for affiliate programs, and even group critiques on content, conversions, and so much more. It is also a big deal to be able to simply ask questions when you need help. You don’t have to search Google for hours or just suffer through the pain. You will have a group of seasoned, willing to help bloggers of all niches ready to help you when you need them.

I hope my making sense of affiliate marketing course review was thorough enough for you to make a decision to join. I really do love this course and the value it brings to my blog everyday. Let me know what you thought of my making sense of affiliate marketing course review below. The course is WORTH MORE than priced. Happy Blogging!


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How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

So you want to be a blogger? I don’t blame you, its awesome. But the tough part is always where and how to start. I’ve experimented with so many different avenues of making money that I feel like an endless puddle of knowledge failures. Blogging happens to be one of them. I’ve failed at blogging so many times in the past that it’s completely laughable now. (Must of my failures are at this point haha) I always had the idea of money in mind but never really know what I was doing or how to get an audience or even how to make money with my blog once I got it going.

To help save you from some of these hiccups I created what I believe to be the “Ultimate Guide On How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost With A Power Level Over 9000!” My anime readers will completely understand. If you’re not one of them, just know this post is gonna be badass in value. And you can just call it “How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost” since my reference was probably not for you lol. This is going to be a jam-packed post, over 3000 words, that is constantly updated as I grow as a blogger.

You wanted it and now you got it! And if you didn’t want it then I’m giving it to you anyways because it’s really awesome value that has changed people’s lives and could possibly do the same for yours.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Choose A Niche You’re Passionate About
  • Research The Fuck Out of It
  • Pick A Domain Name
  • How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost
  • Choosing A Theme
  • Writing Your First Post
  • Amazing Must Have Plugins
  • Take Action


1. Choose A Niche You’re Passionate About

If I can offer you any advice, its to write with a passion and purpose. Finding something that you truly care about is what will make you successful in blogging. One thing you don’t want to do is trying to write about something random because you think it’s where all the money is. If you heart isn’t in it, then readers will know.

This is why you need to choose a niche and stick to it. For some this may be difficult because who doesn’t want to just talk about themselves all day? Its human nature and ourselves if the one thing we know the most about. But you have to realize that not everyone care as much about your day as you do.

Finding a niche will help you find that passion and direct your life experiences with that niche towards someone as value, and that’s the biggest hurdle of blogging, finding a topic you love so much that you want to teach and express value through it. Once you’ve hopped that hurdle then you’re half way to the finish line.

Centful Advice: If you have a certain topic your friends hate to talk about around you because you won’t up about it once it’s on your mind. Then you may have found a possible niche.


Research The Fuck Out Of It

No seriously, researching the living fuck out of the topic, no matter how much you think you know about it, is important. Here is why. If you want to how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost then you have to know what you’re talking about.

You may love one certain topic, but realize that there just isn’t a market for it. This could be bad for you when it come to finding traffic or monetizing. Another flaw could be that there is way to much competition. In which case, I wouldn’t tell you to give up on it. I would tell you to niche it down a little more to make it more creative and stand out.

Here are a list of things I suggest researching:

  • Keyword traffic using your favorite keyword tool. I recommend Long Tail Pro simply because it takes the guess-work out of finding what your audience is looking for. You get a 7-day trial by signing up with my link. Use that time to figure out exactly what’s hot and if you really enjoy that service then subscribe to their plan and drive traffic like crazy after your blog is launched.
  • Are there any affiliate programs available in your niche? Let’s not forget that we do want our blog to be profitable, and one of the most profitable ways to monetize your blog is through affiliate links. Trust me blogs like Making Sense Of Cents doesn’t make over $50,000 a month blogging by just throwing any affiliate that will pay money at their audience. Use this time to really think about how you can monetize with affiliates.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Post Ad

Pick A Domain Name

This is the hardest step if any, finding the perfect available domain name that will be the brand behind your blog. This should require time investment to really think about who you want out of your blog or business and name it accordingly.Think about what you want to include and niche in but be careful of what I call niche jails. This is when you name yourself something highly specific making it difficult to write anywhere outside of that very specific niche.

For instance, if I wanted to make a blog about my adventures traveling the world and trying different foods then I wouldn’t name my blog Even though you may be Asian, the wording makes it sounds like the site is meant to be only for Asian food review. So I wouldn’t go to your site to see your trip to Italy to try spaghetti. Sorry bro, you promised Asian food in your name.

But you do still want some that is clever and perfect for you. This can be extremely difficult for some people, like me, but it’s definitely worth the extra thought. The name of your site will not only give an idea of your content but the personality of your blog, business, or site as well.

Remember that finding the right domain is important to learning how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost


Where To Purchase Your Domain

There are two ways to go about this.

1. You can get a domain for free with you Bluehost hosting


2. You can purchase your domain from another provider such as Dotster. It may be a bit extra but having your domain and hosting with two different companies makes it easier to transfer your domain and hosting in the future with less hassle if needed. This option also requires one more installation step later. (Recommended)

Though they are both valid ways to obtain a domain, they both have their pros and cons to be considered. No matter which one you choose, always opt-in to pay for domain privacy. It may a bit of an extra charge but its worth the money to have your number and address protected. Unless you’re just into getting phone calls at 2:00 am from some foreign “web designer” who wants to tell you all the sexy things he can do to your new website. #truestory lol


How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

Now that you either purchased your domain or decided to accept a free one from Bluehost, its time to set up your hosting and get your blog started with WordPress.

Go to Bluehost (using my link for a special discount of $3.95/month) The Costing breakdown is pretty simple:

  • You will be asked to make a selection of your plan. All you really need is the basic to get started and it goes a long way for us bloggers. This play only allows for you to have one website though. So if you ever get around to needing more than one site it may be a nice idea to update to the plus or prime plan. I currently have a crap load of sites I play with, so yeah lol.
  • Next it will ask you how to about your domain. We talked about this earlier so hopefully you figured out which domain name you want. If you want to get your name through Bluehost then simply type in your name to search for availability or enter the domain main name that your purchased already from Dotster.
  • Fill out all your account information afterwards. This is the usual need to know information to get you started. Directly under it is your Package information. Bluehost is incredibly affordable for the hosting and customer service they provide. Trust me, all of the bloggers know how awesome the Bluehost team is.
  • Your package is going to offer you a variety of deals based on your subscription with the best deal being $3.95 a month 36 months. That’s only $142 for three years of amazing quality hosting. That’s a fucking steal if you ask me. If you’re not comfortable with putting down for 3 year hosting then you can also choose to do a 12-month plan as well.
  • Don’t forget, the only other item you may want to pay for is the domain privacy if you are purchasing your domain with Bluehost (I hope you did it if you bought from Dotster as well.) This will prevent others access to your contact info. Don’t worry about purchasing any of the other add ons.
  • Remember, using my link will get you a free domain and special discount on a 12-month or longer hosting plan

In A Nutshell Hosting Setup

If hyper detail isn’t your thing, I understand. Here is a quick step guide to how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost. Once You’re ready to get started a create your blog:

  1. Go to Bluehost and click “Get Started Now”
  2. Select a plan
  3. Choose or enter your purchased domain name
  4. Select a package and enter your credit card information.
  5. Create a secure password and login.

How To Connect Your Dotster Domain To Bluehost

*Skip this portion if your purchased your domain with Bluehost*

If you decided to purchase your domain and hosting separately, which is usually a safe practice, you will need to connect your Dotster domain to Bluehost. This can be a bit technical so follow along carefully.


  1. Start by logging into your Dotster account.
  2. Click on Domain Central.
  3. Select your domain name and a menu should pop up below.
  4. The option you’re looking for is Nameservers.
  5. Enter in the nameservers provided by Bluehost to redirect your domain to their hosting. It will look something like this:;
  6. Now add the domain you bought as an add-on domain to your Bluehost web hosting. You can do this by clicking on “Domains” when logged into your Bluehost web hosting account and then clicking on “assign.” Follow the steps and it is very easy!

Please be sure to reference Dotster’s nameservers support page if any further help is needed


How to Install WordPress On Bluehost

Installing WordPress on your blog is free and simple!

  1. After logging into you dashboard, scroll down to the Website portion.
  2. Select Install WordPress.
  3. WordPress will walk you through a simple installation process and once its done you’ll be able to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Choosing A Theme

  1. Click on Appearance on the side menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Select the option Themes
  3. From here you can choose between your themes or add a new one.

Your theme is the starting point of your blog’s design. The great thing about start with a theme is designing so much that it looks completely different from the demo theme. It can be extremely time-consuming at times, but extremely satisfying every time you make that perfect change.

I personally only using a free theme, but don’t get me wrong it’s not because I don’t believe in paying for one. Actually, I got my eye on that nice looking Genesis theme. I’m simply wanting to take time and focus on building more of my audience and content before I invest into the design more. Blogging is 20% content and 80% marketing. I’m trying to push harder on the marketing until I get more organic traffic. After that, I will take more time aside invest into that awesome theme I’ve been drooling over.

Remember that everyone is different though. So if you want to spend more time beautifying your blog then that is completely fine. Genesis is one of the most popular themes out for bloggers right now and never have I heard a complaint about it or their service.



Amazing Must Have Plugins

Now there are a few plugins that I simply can’t live without. Honestly, my life would be hell otherwise. I won’t tell you ALL of the apps i’m currently running on my site because some are very specific to my style and I don’t want you to feel like you need to have every plugin I have. Having too many may bug your site. These are plugins that provide me with analytics and help getting my blog up and running. here is a small list of plugins I’m currently in love with:

  1. Pretty Links – This is the affiliate marketer’s best friend. This tool allows for you to change messy affiliate links into links connected to your domain name. It also makes it easily trackable.
  2. SumoMe – Allows a way for readers to easily share your content and sign up to your site’s email list.
  3. Wp Super Cache – Clears the cache on your site keeping it at top performance and running faster
  4. Yoast SEO – The #1 SEO tool I’ve seen on the plugin market so far. Helps you optimize your posts and site for higher rankings.
  5. Google Analytics – Allows you to see all of your sites data from web visitors. This is perfect to learn what draws the most traffic and from where.

Yeah, these apps are badass.


Set Goals For Your Blog

Think Cents 2018 Goals

Not everyone do this and it hurts them more than help them when they don’t. Setting goals for your blog helps you stay focused on smaller tasks month to month or big term goals you want to complete throughout the year.

Goals are easy to set and forget. I do it every January when it comes to losing weight. But when it comes to my blog my eyes are on the prize and I grind my ass off to come as close to it as possible. If you are one of those people who set and forget then you may need a new system to reach your goals. The important part about goal-setting is not just to set a goal. You have to learn how to set and SLAY your goals. I’ve already set my goals for 2018 and i’m fucking ready to slay them!

Remember to make sure they are realistic and to set a plan.


Write Your First Post

You have to start somewhere. Just purchasing a domain and setting up a site won’t put money in your pocket. If that’s all you wanted then you have really just created another lability for yourself instead of a powerful asset. We here at Think Cents only condone creating assets.

To get started, the first thing you should do is freeform and jot down ideas. Just get any idea out on paper or if you’re like me than your white board. It really doesn’t matter if they are good or bad. Bad ideas can be transformed into good ones by adding value so put them all down.

Your content is what will make or break your blog. It needs to be rich and deliver value. The value in your content is what will set you apart from everyone else and make you a trusting friend on the internet. A trusting friend that others wouldn’t mind buying products from. *wink*


Drive Traffic

My main source of traffic comes from Pinterest and Reddit. I fucking love both of them. I spend most of my time on Pinterest and very little on Reddit, but its crazy how close they rank next to each other in traffic. I’m becoming fairly comfortable using Pinterest. Most of my traffic is from Pinterest and learning how to use Pinterest will be the greatest thing you’ve ever done to interest your web traffic. Mastering Pinterest is an entire post in itself. So let me know if that’s something You’re interested in.

Reddit on the other hand, is an extremely hostile side of marketing your blog. Reddit users can smell self-promotion a mile a way and they don’t like it. So I post my own links very subtly across Reddit as to not spam content and focus more on engaging with others while I’m there. I have a feeling Reddit is a largely untapped market for bloggers, if only they were a bit nicer lol.

Also, SEO! Please don’t forget to SEO optimize everything on your site. This will help to increase your ranks in search engines leading to more organic traffic.

Build An Email List

Number one rule of making money with your blog is to build an email list. The money is in the list. The larger your list is filled with engaged readers, not just random emails, the more money you will make when you choose your monetization strategy. The reason your email list is so important is because it is access to people who already love your content enough to subscribe. These are people who saw and felt a connection with you. They actually want to hear from you and buy from you.

Building a nice email list usually takes time and some creativity. The number one thing that will drive in more emails is your lead magnet. Taking some time to come up with freebies (that actually holds value) will help your site generate emails much faster than if you offered nothing but wanted their emails anyway. You have to remember that an email is a direct contact to that person. It’s very personal. Imagine a store manager randomly asking you for your phone number because you shopped at his store. Weird right? I would hesitate to tell them to fuck off and never return. Now lets imagine they ask for that number after telling you that they are signing you up for their reward program. I’m sure numbers will fly out as you think about those discounts you’re going to get next time you shop. It’s the same thing with emails.

I recommend ConvertKit as the go to email marketing tool as it has so much to offer for its price. It’s really simple to use, powerful as fuck and integrates with damn near every program I use. It’s a monster in the best possible way. If your are looking for a free alternative than Mailchimp may be your go to tool. Mailchimp can be a bit clunky and you are also limited to email size on your free account. But it’s free.


Monetizing Your Blog

Money, money, money! I hope everyone is excited about this portion. Otherwise, why would you be looking at a post literally named “How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost?” No seriously.. Like, why? (Unless you’re just making a blog for fun and that’s awesome as well!) Monetizing your blog is a huge step. Some people want to build a crazy amount of content and an insane amount of followers before they ever think of making money from their blog. That’s fine and all for some. But, if you’re anything like me then I had ambitions to start my blog money-making adventures as soon as possible.

So why not go ahead and promote what you believe in? You never know what kind of money you will be leaving on the table, waiting on that PERFECT moment to introduce ads or promote affiliate links on your blog. Start learning now what your readers are interested in by offering them products and services to buy. It doesn’t matter yet if they throw money at you. The goal is to put yourself out there and build experience and relationships as fast as possible. Use that email list that you’ve built to market out to subtly.

Below are a few methods and related courses that will jumpstart your blogging income faster than the average blogger if you’re willing to put in the work.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing may seem extremely difficult to many people. I want to say it’s easy. It’s also not as hard as you think as well.  As an affiliate marketer you don’t have to worry about creating a product and its landing page. Instead you are a partner to the create who uses your trust with your audience to sell their products. You may be afraid of scaring off your readers with affiliate links but if you are honest with them and build yourself as a trustworthy brand, then readers will look forward to paying for more value from you and your affiliate programs.

Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents is one of the best affiliate marketers I know. Michelle consistently earns $50,000+ a month from affiliate marketing. Sounds hard to believe, right? Well it’s true, and she is completely transparent to her readers about it by showing her income statements every month. She even has course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, teaching you exactly how she does it. From finding affiliate programs for companies that you trust to building a relationship with your audience it’s all there. You should really check it out if you want to make some serious money with your blog through affiliate marketing. This course has helped so many people on how to start a profit WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Build A Digital Product

Digital products are literally a goldmine for the right people. This type of monetization takes a lot more time than affiliate links to prepare and launch, but the benefit of selling your own products is ridiculously huge.

To get started with this route, I recommend checking out Create and Go for more. I’ve never created my own product. Not yet at least. Alex and Lauren on the other hand, are some of the best in the industry at teaching and creating products.



I currently do not run ads from any ad network on my site. (By choice!) This is possibly a great opportunity for some who have a great flow of traffic. My ad space is usually curated with particular Amazon products or affiliate products I trust. I am terrified of sending my readers to a bad experience. So I stay away from ads that leads you somewhere out of my control. I have heard great experience from some blogger, but mostly mediocre results compared to their paid digital products or affiliate marketing sales. If this is more of your choosing than great! More power to you. I’m just not on board with it just yet.

So if you do see any ads on my site that’s not from Amazon, then I manually created or added. I don’t receive payment unless you make a purchase. Soo.. technically they’re still all affiliate links lol


Take Action and Stop Just Reading Guides On How To Start A Profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

Well, don’t stop reading this guide, but you get what I’m saying.

I know I said this a lot during this article, but this is absolutely one of the most important steps. If you really want to know how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost, than you seriously HAVE TO TAKE ACTION. You can not sit there and read this entire article wishing you knew how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost without going to Bluehost and signing up. Cut all the bullshit and get to work.


I really hope you enjoyed this epic post on how to start a profitable WordPress blog on Bluehost. Tell us below your experience starting your blog and leave a link for everyone to see. Support each other bu leaving helpful comments and feedback as well.


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Let’s Cut Through The Bullshit

Let’s Cut Through The Bullshit

Common Cents Corner is my space to get real with you guys and talk about something bigger then just money. Even though, these talks can be relevant to money, they are focused more on motivating you to present yourself in a more positive light and to just hustle to stay at the top of your game. This week I have been dealing with a lot at home and on my journey of entrepreneurship that has led me to wondering what separate people who dream and people who made it a reality. And I had to realize for myself that it was not everyone was able to cut through the bullshit of their own excuses.

Ever have one of those talks with your friends where the both of you complain to each other for hours on why you want to do something but can’t. For instance, my conversations usually go like this:

Me: Hey how are you friend.

Friend: I’m fine, you?

Me: Great, getting ready to go out this weekend, you coming?

Friend: No, I got so much I need to work on. I’m going to stay at home this time.

Me: Same! I got so much I need to catch up on. There is work, school work, and blog posts to finish. I just can’t seem to find the time to do everything, you know?

Friend: mhmm

Me: And I worked so hard putting up those three posts but no one reads.

Friend: How long have you been blogging?

Me: Oh, about six months.

Friend: mhmm.

Cut through the bullshit. No More Excuses.

stop complaining - cut through the bullshit

Yeah, something like that? People have the talent of never seeming to find time to DO. It’s so much easier to say that you don’t have time or spend time with friends going out then to buckle down and DO.

The faster you realize that you’re bullshitting your self by making excuses of why you can’t get something done. The faster you will realize that you’re the only one holding yourself back and you will find time to do what you have to. One of my favorite favorite hustlers, who motivates me and the crap out of everyone around him, is Gary Vaynerchuk.

 Stop crying, keep hustling! Hustle is the most important word, ever!  – Gary Vaynerchuk

There is nothing holding you back nothing more than your own bullshit. One practice that I do myself and suggest for others is to figure out what you want to do. Then, think about everything you think is keeping you from doing it. This could be time, space, money, influence, patience, or whatever you can think of that you feel like is keeping you from your goal. Circle your list, and realize, its all BULLSHIT. No, really, it is. I say this because there are so many cases where people are put through so much in life and go years without getting acknowledge and they still make time to pursue what they love and fucking CRUSH IT!

Its the people that can do this that win.




Spend time eating shit now. Eat caviar later.


The time you spend now and the next year, 5 years, or even 10 years hustling to grow yourself and your business and picking out of debt is you eating shit, but that sweet feeling after its done is what makes the caviar so much better.

Time is really the only real currency of value in this world, and the fact that you can’t trade for more and that you can’t buy more means you can’t waste any either. This post like most of my common cents corner posts, was not meant to insult or offend anyone. Its simply me putting forth ideas to keep you knowledgable and moving forward instead of remaining stagnant.


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The Art of Not Giving A Fuck – Don’t Listen To Pessimists

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck – Don’t Listen To Pessimists

Too many people have such a hard time reaching their goals because they spend too much time caring about what others think about them. There is a fear of society around you which oppresses you to live in the lifestyle it wants for you instead of what you want. Learning to break this mold, is what will break you out of the mix and help you in your journey of growth and being financially satisfied. One of my favorite quotes about this come from Dave Ramsey.

Don’t buy things you can’t afford with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like. – Dave Ramsey

Welcome To The Art of Not Giving A Fuck

This is a personal lesson I’ve began to pick up on as I journeyed through life and started to really focus on building my wealth and grinding to control my debt and take control of my life. So let me introduce you to the idea of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck.

Would you dare to believe me, if I told you that the secret to a happier and more productive life is to simply not give a fuck? Of course you don’t, you need me to explain myself don’t you? Well, of course I will.

This does not mean, don’t care what about other peoples’ constructive opinions and input. It means not to care about the destructive output and comments that comes at you and weigh you down.

Little Girl Happy

Trust me. She gets it.


Why Should You Not Give A Fuck What Others Think?

What a lot of people don’t realize is focusing on yourself is the only way to succeed and help others. It’s the only way to make any change in your life. Whether that means financially, socially, or any aspect of your life. It all begins with you switch off the hard wiring, turning social perspective on its head, and not giving a fuck what anyone say about what fills you with happiness and motivation.

This method can be used in every aspect of your life to vastly build on yourself. For instance, I am an artist as well. Yeah, didn’t know I was a student of the brush did you? (You can check out my work on Instagram)

One issue I struggled with for years was worrying about how much I suck compared to other artists. Hell, even getting it through some people’s brain that art was my passion was a scarring. I cared too much about what others thought when I painted with obscure color choices or they peaked of my shoulders and saw I was practicing anatomy and they thought I was a pervert for draw naked people. The thought of telling new friends or networking myself as an artist, was terrifying.  I worried such much about what others thought about what I was doing that I stopped doing anything.

But one day something in me snapped. For some reason, I was so fed up with looking to grind and improve but being afraid too that I simply snapped. I completely stopped giving a fuck and it completely freed me to do more and grow.

That reason why caring about what everyone else think about you is because, it prevents you mentally from progressing which hinders your work ethic, drive, and motivation to continue hustling.

Make The Pledge And Not Give A Fuck What Others Think

This is sadly much harder said then done. I can’t tell you exactly how to get to this point where you are able to not become mentally drained from caring about what people think you should or shouldn’t do with your life.

So you may be asking, “So what the hell was the point of this ?” Well, it was to bring this problem to light and give you a chance to think: “What was the point of me caring about how others think I should live my life.”

I believe the only true way to help others is by being happy with yourself and the only way to be happy with yourself is to stop giving a fuck what others think about you. Believe in yourself and cut out the negativity and there is now telling how far you will go!

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Students Need Good Credit And This Is How You Build It

Students Need Good Credit And This Is How You Build It

With the school year starting up soon, everyone is saying their goodbyes to summer and starting their paths to adulthood. Knowing how students build good credit is important to transitioning into adulthood. The simplest way that I know to start building credit is to get a use a credit card responsibly. Here are a few ways you can establish and build your credit score. (or even rebuild your credit.

What To Look For When Building Credit

There are a few factors to keep in mind as you begin to build credit. Six factors actually. These six factors make up your scoring of your credit rating. I’ve also taking the time to organization in order of their level of impact for you. What more can I say but you’re welcome!

High Impact

  • Credit card utilizationHow much of the credit you use that is available to you displays your credit card utilization. Try to keep this amount under 30% usage. For instance, if you have a credit card with a $500 limit, don’t use more than $150 at a given time.
  • Payment historyPaying your bills on time is extremely important. A late payment on your loans or credit cards can make a huge dent in your credit score and the later the payment, the worse your score is going to result in the outcome.
  • Derogatory marksThings such as bankruptcy and collections are never a good luck on your credit score. Avoid them at all cost.


Medium Impact

  • Age of credit historyShowing long you have been building and showing responsibility with credit, try to keep your credit cards active to show that you have been handling credit for a long time. The age of credit is determined by the average age of all your credit. So holding credit for longer periods of time before applying for new credit is recommended.


Low Impact

  • Total accountsLenders usually like to see that you’ve used a variety of credit accounts responsibly. This doesn’t mean apply for every card at once. Slow and steady or you will do more harm than good. 
  • Hard inquiries –  These are placed on your report for things such as applying for credit, loans, and even an apartment. Usually when a company has to run your credit for eligibility, you receive a hard inquire on your report. Try to limit these to as little as possible.


Ask A Parent To Be An Authorized User

This is actually how I started. My mom is very responsible financially and started me building my credit score by adding me as an authorized user on one of her credit cards. Though I never got the chance to see let alone use the card, her good credit usage and years of account age became my good credit and instantly started me on the right foot. When you become an authorized user on a credit card, its credit history becomes your credit history. Remember that this also could be a risk if your parent or guardian isn’t the most financially responsible person.

Building my credit score this way got me to a score of 740 and I’ve been slowly working on building it along with so nice history of credit types for the last 3 years. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to go.

Get A Co-Signer

Maybe one of the least available options to go. Asking someone to co-sign your credit application may be an sensitive topic because if you make mistakes learning than you won’t be the only one to be punished for it. Most are hesitant to choose this option because it asks a lot of trust from the person asking the co-signer.

I have never had a co-signer but I did want to mention that it is an option for those who may feel it’s right for them. Applying for a card with a co-signer means that the card will be in your name but the co-signer will be responsible if you fail to pay the bill. This could affect their credit score and history as well.


Grab A Secured Credit Card

Credit cards that are designed to help people start building credit, secured credit card are cards that require a cash deposit. Not my most favorable choose because of the deposit required by most cards, but this card is a less risky choose. Secured cards are great for people who have been having a hard time getting approved for an unsecured card or looking to rebuild credit history. Because of this, secured credit cards offer the highest approval rates.


Practice Good Card Usage Habits

Now, you may hear credit cards are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs! Well, yes and no. Yes, credit cards can be dangerous when used irresponsibly. No, credit cards should not be avoided because they are a great source of credit when used responsibly.

Learning to use a credit card and trusting yourself to have credit is the purpose. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but here are a few rules to try and limit the mistakes made with your new credit card.

  • Always keep your amount of used credit 30% of your credit limit.
  • Pay on time. Everytime.
  • Use your card for small purchases that you can easily repay ASAP. This will help you build credit safely.
  • Increase your credit score only when you believe it’s time. Don’t apply for a higher limit if you don’t believe you can trust yourself with the boost in credit.

Check Your Score Often

Knowledge is power. So knowing your credit score at all times is important to know what direction it is moving towards as well as what you are doing wrong and right. Remember the six factors from earlier? You should keep these factors under surveillance at all times to ensure that you are growing your credit correctly.

The most important thing to do is manage your credit responsibly and the rest will follow. Building credit doesn’t have to be difficult. Having the knowledge to know what’s important and what to watch out for when it comes to your credit is half the battle. So good luck! Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends (everyone know that one person who needs a little help to be more responsible financially lol). Also comment any tips or experience you may have below to help grow the community’s knowledge. Til next time, have a great school year.


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Blog Report August 2017 – Beginning of Think Cents

Blog Report August 2017 – Beginning of Think Cents

This is going to be a great month! I can already feel it. This is the first month that I am going to be starting a series of my goals for this blog. This series will have everything to do with the development of Think Cents and the community. Get ready for blog report August 2017!

If you were hoping for an income report or something similar then don’t worry I’ll be starting that up soon as well but I wanted to start with blog goals personally to keep myself on track with the growth of Think Cents.

To start, this is the first month of the series and I’m hyped. I just recently restarted Think Cents a little under two weeks ago and already starting to see quite a bit of growth. So, let’s get started with the goal-setting already.


Have 15 Posts

So I plan to make 10 new posts this month to total 15. (Yes. This one included.) Writing posts isn’t easy and takes a lot of time to develop an idea and carry it out the correct way. Or at least in my opinion.


1,000 Page views

So I’m reaching far for 1,000 page views this month. I believe in my content. It have a nice informative quality to it. (At least I hope you think so.) The true challenge is going to be getting the traffic and having enough content to keep visitors around.


Social Media Goals

  • 50 Facebook Followers
  • 50 Twitter Followers
  • 25 Pinterest Followers

These three I set based on what I felt was the level of difficulty of getting followers on each platform. Pinterest is the newest to work with for me so far so I only set a goal of 25. I want to aim high but I don’t want to get cocky by it on set unattainable goals for myself.

Well, these are my goals for August 2017. I set them based on what I really believe is achievable based on my first few weeks of running my blog and what I feel is needed to grow. Let me know what you guys think and if I should add anything to next month’s goals to help growth a stronger blog and community.

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Acorns Invest App Review – Invest Your Change

Acorns Invest App Review – Invest Your Change


Want to learn to invest?

What if I told you there was a way you could without learning all of the complicated stocks? This Acorns Invest app review is all you need to get started investing money for your future.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite investing apps and share with you the pros and cons of the app as well as how to get started. Welcome the Acorns Invest app review. I would like to thank my girlfriend for this post. After back and forth for an entire day explaining it to her, I figured I need to write an Acorns Invest app review to save time for anyone else with questions.

Acorns is one of the most simple trading apps on the market. The way that Acorns works is every time you make a purchase, Acorns will round that purchase amount up to the nearest dollar and invest the change. For instance, if you spend $5.75 at Starbucks, Acorn will round up the total to $6.00 and invest .25 cents for you into your account, a highly diversified portfolio of ETFs . This is a passive and seamless process that will put your savings ahead and place you in the position to make your money work for you.

ETFs = Exchange-Traded Funds

You are also able to create recurring deposits into your account from your bank account or card. This feature is nice when you have extra that you would like to you to experiment with Acorns or just to save. As of yet, Acorns has no debit cards and the money takes a few business days to transfer back to your bank so it’s safe to say you won’t be spending it.

Another feature that we felt was perfect for our Acorns Invest app review was recently introduced as well. Acorns have also recently released a new feature which allows companies to invest in your account for shopping with them, called “Found Money.” With this, you can purchase from most of your favorite brands and they will invest a percentage of your purchase back into your Acorns account.

Acorns Invest App Review

Still deciding?

Our Acorns Invest app review also includes a dedicated portion below if you would like to see all of our found pros and cons in one snapshot.


The app is very easy to use and user friendly with simplified layouts and large display of all the important information. The app also leads you in with a simple profile completion process helping you get started investing.

With the great round-up feature, saving becomes passive and stress free. This features collects all of the spare change until it reaches $5 total before it deposits it into your Acorns account. This feature is great because its automatic and you are literally saving without thinking. Acorns also recently released a multiplier feature for those who would like that spare change to be multiplied to increase on your savings.

Acorn charge $1 a month as long as your account stays under $5,000. That’s a great deal! That means you will pay $12 annually in trade commission fees. I don’t about you but my bank savings account fees hit me for about 5 times as much due to transfer fees. I’d rather use Acorns for lower fees, and tougher to spend my money.

  • Round-Up Change
  • Low Monthly Rate of $1 for Accounts Under $5,000
  • Simplified System
  • Friendly User Interface



As much as I love this app, it isn’t for everyone. Acorns is not for people looking to invest large amounts or get into purchasing individual stocks. Acorns lack of portfolio customization prevents you from truly making your investment to your own desire because it only gives you the option to invest in an increment of 5 levels between conservative and aggressive.

It also may be undesirable for people investing more than $5,000 because of the .25% fee. That means if I was to keep my account around $5,000 I would be paying about $150 annually in commission fees.

  • Lack of Portfolio Customization
  • Higher Commissions of .25% for accounts over $5,000.

Final Thoughts

This app has a few setbacks but is definitely a must have app for people looking to invest or save. This app makes it so much easier for new and younger investors to get started. They also will learn how to make their money work for them in the market and learning without high end fees and full stock prices.

Again, I highly recommend this app to everyone looking to save and invest. This app is perfect for teens, students, or anyone who want to invest in small amounts at a time. I’ve asked Acorns for a little help getting you guys started with $5 invested in your account for you to try it for yourself. Go ahead and try Acorns now from our exclusive link to get $5 into your account for free. I hope you enjoyed our Acorns Invest app review. We would love to hear your experience with investing with automated apps.

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Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money Without Stressing Over It

Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money Without Stressing Over It

Let’s face it. We as humans, know we should save but don’t. We have always been told too, but not how or why. If an emergency was to happen right at this moment, would you be prepared for it? Would you be able to pay for your rent and utilities as well? Below I’ve listed a few easy ways to save money and start to build an emergency fund of $1,000.


50/20/30 Rule


The first and most known (maybe) way of saving is to automatically attach your savings account to your direct deposit. Remember the 50/20/30 rule?

50% of your salary should go to the essentials such as bills and other payments you must make each month. Work towards keeping your essentials below this 50% barrier. 20% should go directly into your savings. The next 20% of your check should be direct deposited into your savings and forgotten about. This is the important part. Forgotten about. Lastly, the remaining 30% is yours for any other personal reason.

Following this system will help you make sure to keep your bills down, build your savings up, and leave money for you to enjoy.


Piggy Bank Nostalgia

Perfect for all of that loose change you have lying around. This is easily an extra $20 – $40 bucks or so a month depending on how much me and my girlfriend use or find cash lying around. We also have a few friends who think they are too good for the pennies they have lying around but we all know that every penny counts.

Piggy banks are perfect because for most its where the idea of savings began. As a kid, my mom would buy me and my brother these crazy shaped piggy banks that me and my brother would always race to fill to the top and I am still the same way when it comes to toy banks. Its a visual goal of mine. The bigger the bank, the more enthused I am to fill it.

If you find yourself with a lot of extra cash or change, this is the perfect place to pack everything away. These toy banks are more than fun for kids, they are powerful tools for saving.




Ever thought about investing? I hope so, otherwise you may be on the wrong blog. It’s a great way to save and put money towards your future. Acorns is a mobile app that allows you to link your bank accounts and credit card to easily save and invest the change from your everyday spending. Spent $1.50 on Redbox today? Acorns will round that up to $2 and invest that 50 cents.

Acorns is a great way to always make sure you are saving, no matter how much you are spending. You can also deposit or set up  recurring deposits from your bank account to invest larger amounts. Your money is automatically invested into heavily supervised and researched portfolios to help you save and increase your potential savings.

I also a post dedicated to my Acorns Invest Review giving you all the pros and cons.

Join Acorns today and get $5 free to get started. 




An app that will help to teach you investment such as Acorn, but instead of automatically invest money for you, it recommends portfolio in which you should invest in yourself. Unlike Acorns, money isn’t automatically deposited based on your spending.

So if you don’t like the idea of money automatically being taken every time you make a purchase or you want to actually learn to invest, than Stash may be better for you. Stash gives you choices, tools, and tips you need to build a portfolio that reflects who you are. They have portfolios but for the techies, activists, trendsetters and so much more.

Stash really is the answer to teaching the next generation investing.

You can also join Stash today and get $5 free to get started.


Save A Small Amount Per Week


Some people aren’t very comfortable placing large sums of money into their bank account at once, think toy banks are for kids, or the security of apps. For that reason we have the envelope system available as well. The idea is to place a small amount of money each week and place it into an envelope labeled emergency funds.

Placing a few dollars to the side each week will lead to a successful saving experience. By placing only $20 dollars aside each week, in a year you would have save $1,040. That’s just a bit over your goal for an emergency fund.

Using these strategies, your savings will continue to grow quickly and you will build that $1,000 savings fund in no time. Don’t stop there. Continue to grow your accounts and investments to build wealth and your short term goals.

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Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

So this is a income stream I haven’t tapped into yet, but I realized it is such a huge opportunity for people who enjoy Instagram. I did some digging and talked to a few Instagram influencers. This is a real treat for all of you lovers of Instagram. This week’s posts is all about teaching you how to make money as an Instagram influencer.

Like most bloggers and YouTubers, popular instagram influencers are social media magnets who have two things those big wealthy companies out there don’t: reach and influence. The people who realize this are the ones who make money as an Instagram influencer. It is exactly the reach and influence of others that will propel companies to pay you hundreds or thousands to talk about and promote their product.

How can you get started in building your own empire so that you can start making money as an Instagram influencer?

Make Money as an Instagram Influencer

Pick Your Niche

Before you try to make money as an Instagram influencer. What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has built themselves up to a particular audience and platform creating a name for themselves. They are seen as the trend setters and trusted experts in their niche.

Remember that part, “In their niche.”

Like most income streams, finding out where you fit in the equation is important. This is important. Knowing and exploiting your niche keeps you relevant with your followers. Someone who followed you for your fitness pictures may not like to see your travel posts.

Knowing what audience you target is key.

For instance, if you are a fitness guru, marketing and posting about fitness apparel or products will be so much easier and you can charge so much more than someone who is popular but broad in their posts. Imagine if you are a gaming company. Would you rather have PewDiePie sponsor a post for your game on his channel or Warren Buffet? Buffet is much more powerful and wealthy, but he is only known to people who care about investing.

Be direct with who you target and know that the worth of your audience is sought after by someone.



Grow Your Following

Expanding your audience is difficult for some, easier for others. Most Instagram influencers aren’t connected without at least 10k followers.


Now you see why I stuck to my blog.

But for those with the dedication and patience to continue to grow their following and create content, the payout is nice. The larger your audience, the more you can charge.

There are a few ways to go about growing your following.

(miniseries time)

  1. Comment strategically by picking 20 other influencers in your niche and leaving genuine comments on their latest posts.

  2. Take advantage of Instagram stories. By doing this, you have a chance to recommended by Instagram to people in your niche, based on who they follow.

  3. Engage with video. As an influencer, you are a internet marketer. Over 52% of marketers ranked video as having the highest ROI (return on investment)


Charge For Sponsored Posts


Like I said, most influencers need about 10k to get really nice sponsor payments. (Some even get started as soon as 1k followers)

Before thinking price, think of how much you are worth to the brand you are sponsoring. They are not only paying for you to create content for them, they are also paying for your platform and audience that you built up in their product’s niche.

$75 a post is nice. That’s usually the base price for newbies to the influencer world.

Imagine getting paid for 4 posts a week at $75 a post. That’s $300 a week or $1,200 a month for a post promoting a product (That you probably already use.) and creating content which in turn grows your following even more. Which means you can charge even more in turn.

To give you an idea of the growth of your account, a was conducted on the matter. In a survey of 5,000 influencers over 42% said they charged anywhere from $200 – $400 per post.

WOW. Maybe I am in the wrong business.

Top Instagram influencers even said to make over $1,000 per post. This shows how important it is to brands to connect with your audience. When someone is willing to pay you a $1,000 to make a 5 minute post on Instagram, your platform is much more important than you realize.


Be An Affiliate

How could we forget the affiliates. Don’t limit your earnings to just sponsored posts. You have your own platform now. An entire audience who love you and the niche you are in. Take advantage.

This is your chance to go out and find products or service you believe in and earn a commission from it.

For instance, maybe you caught own to the rideshare craze at the beginning and labeled yourself as a ridesharing guru genius. Why wait for a new service to as you to sponsor a post? Use your referral program with Lyft or Uber and create income by getting other people signed up and teaching them how to make more money with their car

If you want to expand on being an affiliate I do suggest starting a blog. This will give you more opportunity to reach outside of just instagram. Also check out Michelle’s amazing course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, on how she makes over $50,000+ a month with affiliate marketing. Her course is made mostly for bloggers but can also be use to help you make money as an Instagram influencer.


Create Your Own Product or Service

Getting back to our fitness niche, if you see an opportunity to create value for your audience, you will earn even more that you would with sponsor and affiliate posts. There is nothing as amazing as being your own boss and making money for yourself instead of for other people.

If you are in the fitness niche, you could sell your own brand of sports bras, training gear, nutrition guide, or even water bottles. For example, some people make money as an Instagram influencer by connecting with their audience directly and selling their fitness guides and routines via dm or in their bio. You have your own platform and your own product make money as an instagram influencer using it. Nothing is holding back your bank account back from expanding.

Have you started your on journey towards making money as an Instagram influencer and have advice of your own to share or just want to join the conversation? Comment below or join our Facebook group and ignite a conversation.

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