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Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money Without Stressing Over It

Quick And Easy Ways To Save Money Without Stressing Over It

Let’s face it. We as humans, know we should save but don’t. We have always been told too, but not how or why. If an emergency was to happen right at this moment, would you be prepared for it? Would you be able to pay for your rent and utilities as well? Below I’ve listed a few easy ways to save money and start to build an emergency fund of $1,000.


50/20/30 Rule


The first and most known (maybe) way of saving is to automatically attach your savings account to your direct deposit. Remember the 50/20/30 rule?

50% of your salary should go to the essentials such as bills and other payments you must make each month. Work towards keeping your essentials below this 50% barrier. 20% should go directly into your savings. The next 20% of your check should be direct deposited into your savings and forgotten about. This is the important part. Forgotten about. Lastly, the remaining 30% is yours for any other personal reason.

Following this system will help you make sure to keep your bills down, build your savings up, and leave money for you to enjoy.


Piggy Bank Nostalgia

Perfect for all of that loose change you have lying around. This is easily an extra $20 – $40 bucks or so a month depending on how much me and my girlfriend use or find cash lying around. We also have a few friends who think they are too good for the pennies they have lying around but we all know that every penny counts.

Piggy banks are perfect because for most its where the idea of savings began. As a kid, my mom would buy me and my brother these crazy shaped piggy banks that me and my brother would always race to fill to the top and I am still the same way when it comes to toy banks. Its a visual goal of mine. The bigger the bank, the more enthused I am to fill it.

If you find yourself with a lot of extra cash or change, this is the perfect place to pack everything away. These toy banks are more than fun for kids, they are powerful tools for saving.




Ever thought about investing? I hope so, otherwise you may be on the wrong blog. It’s a great way to save and put money towards your future. Acorns is a mobile app that allows you to link your bank accounts and credit card to easily save and invest the change from your everyday spending. Spent $1.50 on Redbox today? Acorns will round that up to $2 and invest that 50 cents.

Acorns is a great way to always make sure you are saving, no matter how much you are spending. You can also deposit or set up  recurring deposits from your bank account to invest larger amounts. Your money is automatically invested into heavily supervised and researched portfolios to help you save and increase your potential savings.

I also a post dedicated to my Acorns Invest Review giving you all the pros and cons.

Join Acorns today and get $5 free to get started. 




An app that will help to teach you investment such as Acorn, but instead of automatically invest money for you, it recommends portfolio in which you should invest in yourself. Unlike Acorns, money isn’t automatically deposited based on your spending.

So if you don’t like the idea of money automatically being taken every time you make a purchase or you want to actually learn to invest, than Stash may be better for you. Stash gives you choices, tools, and tips you need to build a portfolio that reflects who you are. They have portfolios but for the techies, activists, trendsetters and so much more.

Stash really is the answer to teaching the next generation investing.

You can also join Stash today and get $5 free to get started.


Save A Small Amount Per Week


Some people aren’t very comfortable placing large sums of money into their bank account at once, think toy banks are for kids, or the security of apps. For that reason we have the envelope system available as well. The idea is to place a small amount of money each week and place it into an envelope labeled emergency funds.

Placing a few dollars to the side each week will lead to a successful saving experience. By placing only $20 dollars aside each week, in a year you would have save $1,040. That’s just a bit over your goal for an emergency fund.

Using these strategies, your savings will continue to grow quickly and you will build that $1,000 savings fund in no time. Don’t stop there. Continue to grow your accounts and investments to build wealth and your short term goals.

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