make money as an Instagram influencer

Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

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So this is a income stream I haven’t tapped into yet, but I realized it is such a huge opportunity for people who enjoy Instagram. I did some digging and talked to a few Instagram influencers. This is a real treat for all of you lovers of Instagram. This week’s posts is all about teaching you how to make money as an Instagram influencer.

Like most bloggers and YouTubers, popular instagram influencers are social media magnets who have two things those big wealthy companies out there don’t: reach and influence. The people who realize this are the ones who make money as an Instagram influencer. It is exactly the reach and influence of others that will propel companies to pay you hundreds or thousands to talk about and promote their product.

How can you get started in building your own empire so that you can start making money as an Instagram influencer?

Make Money as an Instagram Influencer

Pick Your Niche

Before you try to make money as an Instagram influencer. What is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has built themselves up to a particular audience and platform creating a name for themselves. They are seen as the trend setters and trusted experts in their niche.

Remember that part, “In their niche.”

Like most income streams, finding out where you fit in the equation is important. This is important. Knowing and exploiting your niche keeps you relevant with your followers. Someone who followed you for your fitness pictures may not like to see your travel posts.

Knowing what audience you target is key.

For instance, if you are a fitness guru, marketing and posting about fitness apparel or products will be so much easier and you can charge so much more than someone who is popular but broad in their posts. Imagine if you are a gaming company. Would you rather have PewDiePie sponsor a post for your game on his channel or Warren Buffet? Buffet is much more powerful and wealthy, but he is only known to people who care about investing.

Be direct with who you target and know that the worth of your audience is sought after by someone.



Grow Your Following

Expanding your audience is difficult for some, easier for others. Most Instagram influencers aren’t connected without at least 10k followers.


Now you see why I stuck to my blog.

But for those with the dedication and patience to continue to grow their following and create content, the payout is nice. The larger your audience, the more you can charge.

There are a few ways to go about growing your following.

(miniseries time)

  1. Comment strategically by picking 20 other influencers in your niche and leaving genuine comments on their latest posts.

  2. Take advantage of Instagram stories. By doing this, you have a chance to recommended by Instagram to people in your niche, based on who they follow.

  3. Engage with video. As an influencer, you are a internet marketer. Over 52% of marketers ranked video as having the highest ROI (return on investment)


Charge For Sponsored Posts


Like I said, most influencers need about 10k to get really nice sponsor payments. (Some even get started as soon as 1k followers)

Before thinking price, think of how much you are worth to the brand you are sponsoring. They are not only paying for you to create content for them, they are also paying for your platform and audience that you built up in their product’s niche.

$75 a post is nice. That’s usually the base price for newbies to the influencer world.

Imagine getting paid for 4 posts a week at $75 a post. That’s $300 a week or $1,200 a month for a post promoting a product (That you probably already use.) and creating content which in turn grows your following even more. Which means you can charge even more in turn.

To give you an idea of the growth of your account, a was conducted on the matter. In a survey of 5,000 influencers over 42% said they charged anywhere from $200 – $400 per post.

WOW. Maybe I am in the wrong business.

Top Instagram influencers even said to make over $1,000 per post. This shows how important it is to brands to connect with your audience. When someone is willing to pay you a $1,000 to make a 5 minute post on Instagram, your platform is much more important than you realize.


Be An Affiliate

How could we forget the affiliates. Don’t limit your earnings to just sponsored posts. You have your own platform now. An entire audience who love you and the niche you are in. Take advantage.

This is your chance to go out and find products or service you believe in and earn a commission from it.

For instance, maybe you caught own to the rideshare craze at the beginning and labeled yourself as a ridesharing guru genius. Why wait for a new service to as you to sponsor a post? Use your referral program with Lyft or Uber and create income by getting other people signed up and teaching them how to make more money with their car

If you want to expand on being an affiliate I do suggest starting a blog. This will give you more opportunity to reach outside of just instagram. Also check out Michelle’s amazing course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, on how she makes over $50,000+ a month with affiliate marketing. Her course is made mostly for bloggers but can also be use to help you make money as an Instagram influencer.


Create Your Own Product or Service

Getting back to our fitness niche, if you see an opportunity to create value for your audience, you will earn even more that you would with sponsor and affiliate posts. There is nothing as amazing as being your own boss and making money for yourself instead of for other people.

If you are in the fitness niche, you could sell your own brand of sports bras, training gear, nutrition guide, or even water bottles. For example, some people make money as an Instagram influencer by connecting with their audience directly and selling their fitness guides and routines via dm or in their bio. You have your own platform and your own product make money as an instagram influencer using it. Nothing is holding back your bank account back from expanding.

Have you started your on journey towards making money as an Instagram influencer and have advice of your own to share or just want to join the conversation? Comment below or join our Facebook group and ignite a conversation.

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Posted by Jonathan Tyler

A natural thinker of life, business, and art, Jonathan was born gritty at heart. That grit burns through his blog Think Cents as a desire to fight for financial independence. Seeing how little success traditional work life brings, he's seeking to achieve building his wealth in the more unconventional ways.


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Wow! Thanks for the tips! I have never thought of being an instagram influencer! I don’t have that size of following at this point but I’ll keep it in mind for the future!

Jonathan Tyler

Thanks! Yea, this is a full time career for some. Definitely give it a go once your following grow. Let me know how it goes!

I feel you; growing that Instagram following can be rough! Any experience with getting sponsored posts for influences who have more in the range of 1,000 followers?

Jonathan Tyler

Yeah, growing your following will definitely require you to think outside the box with more experimental hacks but is possible for sure. Around the 1,000 followers range you will really need to push yourself out their by connecting with business and pitching them why they should sponsor you. The most important factor will be how engaged your followers are. If they are active than you will have an edge will pitching your platform for sponsorship. Good Luck! Please do let me know when you get your first sponsored post. i know you can do it 🙂

the sophia diaries

IG following is definitely an opener :/ it’s so hard to keep a sustainable amount of following.. but I’m determined 😉

Jonathan Tyler

Yeah getting the followers is definitely a toughie but for those who stick through will be amazed at how powerful of a platform they built for the right businesses looking to endorse their product. Good luck! Let me know how everything works out for you 🙂

Thank you for this! The information was definitely helpful. I have been wanting to expand my blog and by extension my instagram into a money making opportunity. Tips like these are definitely helpful in the transition.

Jonathan Tyler

Thanks! This will be a great way to grow. Another way you can start growing your following is running contests as well. Let me know how everything goes for you.

Taylor || The Millennial Sprinkle

Wow this sounds fabulous! I’d take an extra $1,200 a month any day! We’ll get there, right!? Thanks for the inspiration, Jonathan!

xo, Taylor (

Jonathan Tyler

Exactly, we’ll get there. Thanks for reading.

Yes to all of this! I just hit 1k and still working on growing!

Alix |

Jonathan Tyler

Congratz! Thats great!

Tiffany Khyla

These are some great tips! One of my goals for next year is to up my Instagram game.

Jonathan Tyler

Thanks, Good Luck!

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